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A Lion Ate My Sister - Gemsbok Horn Bow
Ancient & Oriental Ltd. - Prehistoric, ancient, medieval antique items; some weapons and war related objects
Ancient Warfare - Magazine devoted to ancient warfare
Anubis Ancient Art -  Egyptian, Roman and Greek art
Armando Basile - Reproductions of Roman sculptures
Ashoka Arts - Ethnographic, Eastern and Ancient Weapons and related artifacts for sale
Barry & Darling Ancient Coins - Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine coins
Edward J. Waddell, Ltd. – Mediterranean coins and antiquities
Fragments of Time - Mediterranean art
Hellenic Art – Ancient Greek Armor and artifacts
Jean Elsen Numismatists - Auction House Brussel Ancient and historical coins
Jelling Dragon - Roman, Viking & Medieval Replica weapons, armor; other items
Lonely Mountain Forge – Dark Age, Greek, Roman, Celtic armor blacksmith
Medusa Ancient Art - Neolithic axes, Mediterranean and near Eastern art
Stallone India – Ancient and medieval weapons and armor
Tomas The Lapidary - reproduction unique celtic, medieval, and renaissance-style jewelry and accessories
Weapons Emporium – Ancient and medieval swords, weapons, armor

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