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Abraham Lincoln Bookshop, Inc.  US Civil War
Academic Press Various humanities related books
Adams Media Corporation
Aegean Park Press Intelligence and cryptography
After the Battle UK
Air University Press
Alexander Street Press Miscellaneous
Alfred A. Knopf Miscellaneous
American Kestrel Books Military history
AmeriForce Publishing, LLC Military relocation guides
Anacade International
Ancre French naval archaeology
Anglo-Saxon Books English history
Archaeopress Archaeology
Ares Publishers, Inc.Archaeology, ancient world
Aris & PhillipsEgyptology, Middle East, Hispanic history
Ark Publications
Arms & Armour Press Ltd.
Army Times Industry news
Asian Research Service Reprints, translations of asian books inc. some war-related
AST Press Plains Indian Wars, US Civil War
Astral Publishing PC Patrol Craft of WWII
Aviation Now Aviation
Ballantine Books, Inc. Miscellaneous
Bantam Books, Inc.
Bantam Dell Publishing Group Miscellaneous
Bantam Doubleday Dell Books
Barnes & Noble Books
Battery Press
Bedford Books/St. Martin's
Bell Grove Publishing Company  US Civil War
Berkley Publishing Group
Blue Eagle PressAdventure fiction
Book Guild Ltd.
Branden Publishing Company
Brandywine Press American history
Broadfoot Publishing Company  US Civil War records
Broadway BooksMiscellaneous
Bulfinch Press
Burford Books
ByrenLee Press
Cambridge University Press
Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies
Career Publishing, Inc.
Carroll Publishing
Chatham Publishing
Class Fern Press
Classic Publications
Clearbridge Publishing
Combined Publishing
Covos-Day Books
Coyote Press Archaeology - Native Americans
Crown Publishing Group - Miscellaneous
Da Capo Press Mostly military titles
Daisy Publishing CompanyUS Civil and Revolutionary War
Daybreak Press
De Gruyter European history
Defense and Aerospace Publishing Services Switzerland (DAPSS S.A.)
Defense Research Institute, The
Delacorte Press
Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
Demi-Solde Press
Dialog Corporation
DIANE Publishing Company
Doubleday & Company, Inc. Miscellaneous
Duke University Press
E.S. Mittler and Sohn
Eastwind Publishing Martime subjects
Edinborough Press US Civil War
Editorial Dilex
Edmonston Publishing, Inc.  US Civil War
Empire Publications
Epaulet Books
Everett L. Gracey
Everyman's Library Classics
Faculty of Arts Publications, Memorial University
Faircount International LLC
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc.
Fine Communications
Frank Cass Publishers Military science, history
Free Press
Fromm International Publishing Corporation
Gazarii Libris Medieval history
General Store Publishing House
German Forces German WWII manuals and information
Glenncanon Press
Globe Pequot Press
Grammaton Press, LLC
Greenhill Books UK
Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal Ltd.
Grove Atlantic Inc.
Grub Street Military history and aviation
Guild Press, Emis Publishing, Inc.  US Civil War
Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.
Harper Trade
HarperCollins Publishers, Incorporated
Healthworks Medecal.com
Heart of Oak Sea Classics Napoleonic Era naval books
Helion & Company
Hellgate Press Military history and adventure
Helmet Military Publications
Henry Holt & Company, Inc.
Her Majesty's Stationery Office Official UK government documents
Heritage Books, Inc. Living history
Hikoki Publications Ltd Aviaton history
Honoribus Press, The
Hyperion Press Miscellaneous
Indiana University Press
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
Intelligence Incorporated
International Publishers Marketing
Irish Academic Press - Irish military history
Jane's Information Group Pre-eminent military information and intelligence company
Johns Hopkins University Press Various academic
JoNa Books
J-Press Publishing
Klaus D. Patzwall
Kluwer Various academic
Kumarian Press Some war-related books
Ladies of Caliber Publishing
Lakota Books Lakota/Dakota Indian history
Leo Cooper/ Pen and Sword Books
Les éditions du Septentrion
Levin, Hugh Lauter Associates
Lexington Books Some military
Lucky Press
Lynne Rienner Publishers Military, African security issues
Maritime Books
Maryland Silver Company
Medals of America Press
Midland Publishing Limited
Military Living Publications
Military Press
Morrow, William & Co.
Motorbooks International
MST Publishing
Multnomah Publishers, Inc.
Narrative Press, The
Nautical & Aviation Publishing Company
Naval & Military Press
Naval Institute Press
Naval War College Press
New Star Media, Inc.
NewsMax Media, Inc.
Ngaio Press
Norton, W.W. & Company, Inc.
NOVA Publications
Oak Hills Publishing
Osprey Publishing
Oxford University Press, Inc. (USA)
Pacific Sunset Publishing, Inc.  US Old West
Pacifica Military History Military history
Palmetto Bookworks, Inc
Paper Journey Press, The
Parantez yayinlari
Patrick Stephens Ltd
Pen and Sword Books Ltd.
Penguin Putnam Various
Periscope Publishing Ltd
Peter Lang Publishing Group Various international history, military
Petmac Publications
Phillips International, Inc.
Pocket Books
Prentice Hall PTR
Presidio Press Military history
Princeton University Press Various
Proofmark Publishing US Civil War, Old West
Public Affairs, LLC
Public Record Office
R. James Bender Publishing Germany and the US in WWII
Random House, Inc. Miscellaneous
Ravenwood Publishing Book on the WWII Naval Air Ferry service
Robin Brass Studio Military history
Rockbridge Publishing US Civil War
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Various
Sage Publications Various military
Savannah Publications
Savas Publishing Company Military history
Scarecrow Press Various military
Schiffer Publishing Ltd Various
SCS Publications Military history
Sergeant Kirkland's Press US Military history
Shambhala Publications, Inc.
Sidgwick & Jackson Various
Simon & Schuster Trade Paperbacks
Smith House Press One book on medicine in the Korean War
Smithsonian Institution Press
Southfarm Press Military history
Spellmount Publishers Military history
St. Ermin's Press Espionage and intelligence
St. Martin's Press, Inc.Various
Stackpole Books Various
Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
Sutton PublishingHistory
Tamarack Books, Inc.US Old West
Texas A&M University Press Various
Time Life Books
Time Warner Bookmark Miscellaneous
Tri-Service Press
Trogen Books
Truman Publishing Company American history
UCLA Ethnic Studies Native American studies
UGA Media Publishing
Union Publishing Company Maine/US Civil War
United States Naval Institute Press
University of Akron Press
University of Cincinnati Digital Press Reprints of US historical documents relating to the West and Native Americans
University of Nebraska Press
University of Oklahoma Press
University of Pennsylvania Press
University of Wisconsin Press
University Press of America, Inc. Various military
University Press of Kansas
Vanwell Publishing Ltd
Wennawoods US eastern history
Westview Press Various
Wiley, John & Sons, Inc.Various
Windrush Press History and travel
Wisdom House Publications Various military
Yale University Press General academic


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