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A.B. Enterprises – Medieval swords and body armor; Replica US Civil War arms and accoutrements
Age of Chivalry - Medieval and renaissance arms, armor, clothing, etc.
American Fencer’s Supply Company - Swords, old stage armor
Ancestral Instruments - Medieval bagpipes and other instruments, recorded music
Armas de Toledo - armor, swords, other weapons
Chivalry Sports - Medieval and renaissance arms, armor and other items
Dark Victory Armory - High Performance, Low Maintenance, High Density Polyethylene suit of armor
Dragon Marsh - Early European herbs and spices
Dragon Treasures - Dragon and fantasy collectibles
Horsebows - Hungarian made historical Magyar bows
Jelling Dragon - Roman, Viking & Medieval Replica weapons, armor; other items
Medieval Mayhem - Medieval arms, armor and other items
Museum Replicas Limited - Medieval and renaissance arms, armor, clothing and other items
New World Arbalest - Medieval and Renaissance crossbows
Silvermane Limited - Medieval arms, armor, clothing, fountains
Surefoot-Fellwalker Boltwrights - Replica crossbows for historical re-enactment
Sword and the Stone - Sword maker
SwordMoon Productions - Leather and chainmail goods and clothes for medieval and fantasy re-enactment

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