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Armadillo Highway - Custom Chain Mail Armor, Fashion, and Accessories
Alvin's Wehrmacht OstBattalion '43 - Repro WWII german insignia; Plastic models; Repro WWII newspapers - dead link
Arms and Armor Auctions - Arms and Armor auction house
Ballantine Books, Inc. Miscellaneous
Bantam Dell Publishing Group Miscellaneous
Bell’s Aviation and Militaria - Aviation & American militaria
Blue Eagle Press Adventure fiction
Bud K. Worldwide - weapons, edged collectibles
ByrenLee Press
Circle KB Leatherworks Co. - US western holsters, riding equipment
Courier, The - No militaria connection
Dark Heart Armoury  - Custom made reproduction armor
Der Rittmeister - Imperial Germany militaria and other items
Dog Tags Online - Dog tags
Dragon Treasures - Dragon and fantasy collectibles
Eastern Front Surplus - Replica German WWII weapons and items
EspaceLollini.com - Space exploration stamps and covers
FaireBows.com - longbows and traditional archery for reenactors and archers
Finger Woven Sashes - Native American sashes
FireDrayke Chainmaille – Chainmail armor and jewelry
German Impressions - Original and replica German WWII edged weapons, uniform accesories, medals, etc. - dead link
German Militaria - German militaria from WWI & WWII - dead link
Grant’s Militaria - Militaria from various countries and periods; specialist in Australia
Haus of Stuff - Militaria from many periods and countries
Heritage Antique Maps - US Civil War maps
Insignia Source - US Army, Air Force patches and insignia - dead link
Kustom King - Archery items - dead link
Lone Wolf - traditional archery supplies - dead link
Militaria and Collectibles -  German WWII militaria; SS, Kriegsmarine, Hitler youth
Militaria Antiques Collector - WWI Iron Cross, WWII sword, hewer, dagger - dead link
Militaria Web - Online militaria auction site
Military Reading List - Online bookstore for many different military subjects and periods - dead link
Nihon To - Japanese swords and related items, Islamic and Cossack weapons
Panzer Truppe - WWII PanzerTruppe uniforms; SS and miscellaneous tunics
Red Army Militaria - Soviet orders, medals, militaria - dead link
Reenactorstuff.com – Auction site for re-enactor equipment from many time periods
Revolutionary War Antiques - Revolutionary War collectibles
Robert Hill - Military firearm accessories, bayonets, slings, holsters - dead link
Russian and Soviet Militaria - Russian/Soviet orders, badges, medals, documents
Russian Militaria - Soviet/Russian, Russian Federation, Soviet Republics militaria; Badges, medals, orders
Salty Jack’s Piratical Books - Books on pirate fact and fiction - dead link
Soviet Military Awards Page - Information on collecting Soviet Military and labor awards - dead link
Thorthor's Hammer - reproductions of historical antiquities ranging from the Early Celtic to the Medieval periods
Tie Merchant - historic neckties
Toy Soldier Gallery - Toy soldiers
Toy Soldiers of Wm Hocker, The - manufacturer of 18th, 19th century toy soldiers
Twentieth Century Maps - thousands of out-of-print maps (megamapster@comcast.net )
World War 1 Militaria - WWI uniforms, equipment, weapons, militaria
Zenny.com - Self publisher of a new english translation of the classic "The Good Soldier Svejk"


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