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Ancient Writers
Arrian.  Campaigns of Alexander, The
Herodotus. History of the Persian Wars
Livy.  War with Hannibal, The
Onasander.  General, The (Strategicus)
Polybius.  Histories, The  Books 1-2, Books 3-4, Books 5-8, Books 9-15, Books 16-27, Books 28-39
Sun-Tzu.  Art of War, The
Thucydides. History of the Peloponnesian War
Xenophon. Cyropaedia Books 1-4, Cyropaedia Books 5-8
Xenophon.  Anabasis
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Perseus Digital Library, The

Renaissance to the Early Modern Period Writers
Clausewitz, Karl von  On War
Folard, Jean Charles Chevalier de   Histoire de Polybe…avec un commentaire.  1727
Frederick Wilhelm II (the Great)  Elements of Castrametation and Tactics      1770
Frederick Wilhelm II (the Great)  History of the Seven Years' War      1763
Frederick Wilhelm II (the Great)  Military Instructions
Guibert, Jacques  General Essay on Tactics      1775
Jomini, Antoine  Art of War, The (Precis de l'art de la guerre - French).
Leo VI  Tactica
Lloyd, Henry  History of the Late War in Germany, A    1766
MacDougall, Major General Patrick  Theory of War Illustrated by Numerous Examples from Military History   1856
Machiavelli  Art of War, The
Maurice  Strategicon
Napier, Sir William  History of the War in the Peninsula (1828-1840)
Puysegur, Jacques de Castenet. Art de la Guerre   1748
Saxe, Maurice Comte de.   Memoirs on the Art of War. (Reveries - French 1757).
Vauban, Sebastien Leprestre de.  Manual of Siegecraft and Fortification. 1737.
Vegetius  De Re Militari

Modern Writers
Balck, William  Tactics
Baynes, John  Morale: A Study of Men and Courage        1967
Becke, A.F.  Introduction to the History of Tactics, 1740-1905, An   1909
Bernhardi, General Friedrich von  On War of To-day      1912
Colin, Jean  Transformations of War      1912
Delbruck, Hans  History of the Art of War   Vol. 1  Vol 2    Vol 3   Vol 4  1900
Denison, George T.  History of Cavalry, A      1877
Douhet, Giulio  Command of the Air        1921
Fuller, J.F.C.  Decisive Battles of the U.S.A.  1953
Fuller, J.F.C.  Military History of the Western World, A  Vol 1   Vol 2   Vol 3
Hart, Sir Basil Liddell  Strategy
Henderson, G.F.R. Science of War, The      1905
Henderson, G.F.R. Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War  1898
Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen, Prince Kraft zu  Letters on Artillery      1890
Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen, Prince Kraft zu  Letters on Cavalry      1889
Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen, Prince Kraft zu  Letters on Infantry      1892
Keegan, John  Face of Battle, The       1976
Lloyd, E.M.  Review of the History of Infantry, A      1908
Mahan, Alfred Thayer  Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783, The  1890
Maurice, Sir Frederick  War      1891
Moran, Lord  Anatomy of Courage, The  1945
Picq, Ardant du  Battle Studies      1880
Schlieffen, Count Alfred von  Cannae   1913
Steele, Matthew Forney  American Campaigns
Viollet-le-Duc, Eugene  Annals of a Fortress      1876
Wagner, Arthur  Organization and Tactics      1895
Wilkinson, Spencer  Brain of an Army, The      1890




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