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1944 Militaria - German WWII original and reproduction camouflage, uniforms, equipment
Nopuko.com  WW II artifacts from the Japanese ruins on the islands of Truk Lagoon.
Ol Army Joel’s Military Collectibles - US Militaria and ordnance; WWII to Vietnam
Panzer Truppe - WWII PanzerTruppe uniforms; SS and miscellaneous tunics
Peter Bella Jeep Parts – WWII Jeep parts
Propaganda Leaflets of the Second World War - CD-ROM of WWII leaflet propaganda
Reinhard Tieste - German military orders
Ritterkreuz - German WWII militaria (info@ritterkreuz.net)
Ruptured Duck , The - Pre-1945 Militaria from various countries and periods
Russian Militaria - Soviet/Russian, Russian Federation, Soviet Republics militaria; Badges, medals, orders
S. Stephan Militaria - Militaria from various countries and periods
S.R.S Surplus Military - Militaria, medals, badges
Soldat FHQ - German WWII militaria replicas
Special Service - WWII British & RAF militaria
Stenger Historica, Inc. - US, German WWII documents, Panzer art, WWII research services (Info@StengerHistorica.com)
T. Cadman WWII Books - World War II books
T.N.F Impex - Manufactures historic badges, insignia and flags
Third Reich Books - Military History books, music, movies, art, flags, etc.
Tie Merchant - historic neckties
Torpedo Junction - Military history books; specialist in submarine and U-boat books
Treasure Bunker Militaria - WWII era militaria
Turner Donovan Military Books - rare and out-of-print books on British military history from 1800 to 1945
Two Tin Soldiers and Legions East - Miniatures, books and games from the WWII period
Weinand Militaria - German Militaria
Westland Military Antiques - Third Reich militaria, German Imperial, RAF, British, US militaria; Arnhem area relics
Wittmann Antique Militaria - Edged weapon; specialist in German Third Reich and Imperial weapons; restoration services
Wolfe-Hardin – SS WWII memorabilia, weapons
World War II Historic Tours - Naval, military, and cold war tour specialists arranging trips to WWII battlefields in Europe
Worldmilitaria.com - WWI & WWII militaria, Many Nazi & Fascist leaders items
WWII Productions - WWII militaria

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