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A.B. Enterprises – Medieval swords and body armor; Replica US Civil War arms and accoutrements
Age of Chivalry - Medieval and renaissance arms, armor, clothing, etc.
Aina Moja - Traditional African weapons and shields
Alexander Wuerkner & Swen Rheinheimer Weapons of the middle ages
Al-Hamdd Trading Post – Manufacturer of gun items, hunting goods, leather goods, replica swords and armor
Allenbys.com - Historic reproduced weapons from all time periods; miniatures; military surplus
Ameurasiart - Japanese, Chinese swords, weapons, armor; warrior figures
Anshelm Arms Medieval/Renaissance European arms and armor
Armas de Toledo - armor, swords, other weapons
Armory - Reproduced swords, weapons, armor
Armour Store Reproduction Medieval armor
Armour Works - Historical custom-made and generic armor for re-enactors
Arms & Armor - Reproduced historical weapons and armor based on specific historical pieces
Arms and Archery Armor, weapons, tents, banners for movie and television studios
Arms of Valor - Armor and weapons from all historical periods
Arms to Armor - Edged weapons, firearms, militaria
Artesan Don Diego  Original and reproduction items; Armor, swords, miniatures, ancient books from all periods
Atlanta Cutlery - Reproduced edged weapons, swords, guns from all periods and places
Aurora History Boutique – Reproduction weapons, armor, gear
Blackforest Armoury - Reproduced historical weapons and armor
Blackmarsh Armoury  Medieval and renaissance European armor
Blacksword Armoury, Inc.  Medieval/Renaissance arms, armor, accessories, books, etc.
Blades of Tara Medieval knives and swords
Bright Blades Swords, armor, knives from many cultures and periods
BruBakers Swords, Armory and Artifacts Replicas of ancient to modern weapons; antique weapons
By the Sword Inc. - Swords, armor, clothing, etc. from all periods
By The Sword, Inc.  Medieval/Renaissance arms, armor, items
Castle Kzar - Original and custom leather armor; medieval, rennaissance, fantasy weapons
Christian Fletcher Medieval arms and armor
Collector's Armoury  Historic reproductions from all military periods
Coyote's Paw Gallery Limited  Antique folk weapons of africa and asia
Dark Victory Armory - High Performance, Low Maintenance, High Density Polyethylene suit of armor
Del Tin Armi Antiche Replicas of swords and daggers throught the 17th century
Dragon Swords N Daggers - Distributor of collectible swords, daggers, knives, and accessories. Medieval weapons and armor.
Dragons Eye Armory - Reproduced swords, weapons, armor
Ereplicas - Reproduced swords, weapons, armor, pistols; warrior figures
Excalibur Sword, gun, weapon, artillery  replicas from a variety of sources
Fantasy Blades - Reprodcution edged weapons, swords, etc.
FireDrayke Chainmaille – Chainmail armor and jewelry
Geof the Tanner Armor and clothing made from leather, pelts, skins, etc.
Gothic Fantasy - Reproduced swords, weapons, leather goods, apparel
Greywolf Armoury Medieval weapons and collectibles
Hellenic Art – Ancient Greek Armor and artifacts
Hermann Historica  German antique arms and armor; other historical antiques
Historical Weapons - Reproduction swords, armor, weapons, cannon, models, books from all periods
Imperial Weapons - Reproduced swords, weapons, armor; martial arts equipment
International Steelcrafts – Manufacture ancient armor, weapons
Irish Arms  Reproductions of Irish historical weapons and clothing
Ironheart Armoury Medieval armor and blacksmithing
JASTRO Antique Replica Weapons - Reproduced 17th to 19th C flintlock firearms; Medieval, Renaissance swords, sabres, daggers
Jelling Dragon - Roman, Viking & Medieval Replica weapons, armor; other items
Khukriwala – Manufactures edged weapons, armor
Leathersmith, The  Craftsman of leather quivers, holsters, gunbelts, knife sheaths, fur hats, etc.
Maxsell Armory - Reproduced historic firearms, weapons, swords, related items from many periods
Mayhawke Armory - Replica renaissance era arms, armor
Medieval Mayhem - Medieval arms, armor and other items
Medieval Store - Replica medieval swords, weapons, armor; katanas
Medieval Weapon Art - Historic replica swords, weapons, armor; artwork; accessories
Medieval Weaponry - Historic replica swords, weapons, armor; accessories
Medievalist's Knight Shop Medieval arms, armor and other medieval items
Museum Replicas Limited - Medieval and renaissance arms, armor, clothing and other items
Needmoreweapons.com - Historic replica weapons, armor; figurines
Oddessy - Historic replica weapons; martial arts supplies
Purple Heart Armoury Wooden sword wasters and weaponry; Practice swords
Rampant Lion Designs Hand-painted shields
Rattan and Wicker Ancient and modern rattan staves
Raven Enterprises Armor patterns
Realm of Fantasy - Fantasy and historic swords, weapons, collectibles
Rhavyn's Keep Chainmaille Design Chainmail armor and items
Royal Armouries  Reproduction items and books from the Royal Armouries of the Tower of London
Sara's Chainmail Connection
Scottish Armoury, The  Scottish and medieval weapons; Miniature castles
Silvermane Limited - Medieval arms, armor, clothing, fountains
Stallone India – Ancient and medieval weapons and armor
Stauffer Auktionen - regular auctions of antique arms & armour, decorations & medals, militaria, uniforms & headgear
Steel Source, The - Historical replica swords, weapons, armor
Stirling Brown’s Arms and Armour - Makes Armor, consults, researches, restores
Swords N' Such swords, sabers, rapiers, battle axes, and polearms from many periods; historical clothing
Syndicate Armoury - Reproduced historical swords, armor, weapons from various periods
Talerwin Forge - Historic European helmets, weapons, armor, etc.
Valentine Armouries Custom armor and weapons, historical clothing
Viking Crafts - Manufacture replicas and stylized Viking weapons, armor, jewelry, accessories
Way of the Sword, The  Asian and European historic edged weapons, armor and accessories
Weapons Emporium – Ancient and medieval swords, weapons, armor


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