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"G" for George  Prints of the Avro Lancaster B1 WWII bomber and Lancaster ED930/A66-1 QUEENIE VI
A.A. Art Company Bronze military, ancient and classical figures
Affiche Francaise - Posters mostly French; some military themes- WWI, WWII
Africa Imports - African art and weapons
Aina Moja - Traditional African weapons and shields
Alba Antiques – Scottish items
American Art and Antiques, Inc. - Military art prints; WWII, US Civil War, Aviation
Ancient & Oriental Ltd. - Prehistoric, ancient, medieval antique items; some weapons and war related objects
Ancient Empires Art, gifts and collectibles inspired by past civilizations
Andrew Jacobson Marine Antiques - Maritime photos, paintings, artifacts, books
Andrija Ilic Photo Gallery - Photos of ex-Yugoslavia political/military events; Maglic fortress
Angelray Books - Military photos
Antique Art Rakunan Japanese antique scroll art; one of shinto priest and warrior
Antiques and Militaria - Militaria from many periods and countries; orders, medals, decorations
Anubis Ancient Art -  Egyptian, Roman and Greek art
Appalachian Arts - Antique prints, maps, nautical charts
Aquarian Gallery - pre-1900 prints, maps, art
Armando Basile - Reproductions of Roman sculptures
ART-Vaark Gallery Aviation, Military and Civil War art
B.C. Galleries Ancient art and antiquities; tribal art and ethnographica
Bagley's Battle Boutique Military art covering a variety of periods
Brass Rubbings Brass rubbings taken from reproduced medieval brass monuments
Bronze Statuary - Bronze statues of asian warriors
Buccaneer Distributions Military aviation art
By the Bay - Maritime art, models, bronze & wood items
Cartographic Associates - Old style US maps and prints
Classic Aviation Art  Aviation art
CollectAt - Concentration Camp collectibles, postal history, documents, photos, WWI, WWII, Colonialism in China
Collector's Edition  Museum quality military miniatures
Cranston Fine Arts  Military art
Don Stivers Limited Edition Prints  Prints by artist Don Stivers
Don Troiani’s Civil War - US Civil War prints and art
Eirdex Photographs of Ireland and Irish castles
Erik’sEdge.com – Antique Tribal weapons, art, shields; Moro - Northern and Central Philippines
Exotic India - Sculptures of warlike Indian deities
Eyes of the Wild   Aviation, US civil war, military art
Flying Dutchman Aviation Artworks  Military aircraft artwork
Fragments of Time - Mediterranean art
Friday Antiques Antique Khmer art
Glenn Illustrators  Aviation art
Great War of the Confederacy - US Civil War art, flags and collectibles
Heritage Club Chinese and Western prints; a couple with military subjects
Heritage Studio  Art of D.J. Neary; antique 18th and 19th century costumes; Military music
History Broker, The - US Civil War photos, papers and other items
History Web - Art, books, miniatures, models, etc.
Hotei Publishing Japanese warrior related books and prints
House and Garden Arts Bronze figures; American Old West and warriors
Irish Prints Prints of Ireland and Irish castles
J.V. Bond Company - WWII Nazi stamps, currency, memorabilia; WWII propaganda posters
Janet Weil Prints - Print of a military procession
Jonesport Nautical Antiques - Nautical art, antiques, books, models
Kauai Fine Arts - Prints of samurai and Japanese castles
Knights & Names - Family, country coat-of-arms put on parchment or prints
Koll's Authentic Kreations Norse style carvings with various materials
Kordia Small pewter Korean Turtle Boat miniature
Lost Heavens Tribal and Primitive Art from East Asia; some militaristic images
Map House of London - US Civil War railroad map and other military prints
Marc Antoine du Ry - Original medieval manuscripts, illuminations, sculptures, artwork
Marine Collection Nautical and marine paintings and prints
Medusa Ancient Art - Neolithic axes, Mediterranean and near Eastern art
Medussa N.V. Some Ancient Roman and Greek military themed statues
Merlindale  Specialist in designing and creating 3 dimensional dioramas for museums, decorators and collectors
Mexican Anthroplogy Pre-Spanish Mexican miniature and monumental art pieces
Mexican Aztec and Pre-Columbian Art - Art, warrior sculptures
Michel Perrier’s Militaria - Militaria from many periods and countries; art
Military Art Gallery - Military art covering many periods- ancient to present; Military heritage tour
Military Art Shop - military themed art
Military Images - Historic military photos
Military Stock Photography Images of the modern armed forces of the US, Russia and Britain
Nicholas Angelo - African weapons, Native American art, Commodore Perry prints, maps
Old Guard, The - art, books, videos, postcards
Paulus Swaen Old Maps and Prints - Books, canons, documents, prints of the Dutch East India Company
PlanetGraphix.com Award winning modern military photos
PostAPrint - Maps, prints, engravings, books, atlases
Posterwell Posters including nautical themed
Quester Gallery - 19th & 20th century marine art, models, bronzes, furniture
Rare Finds of Africa  African warrior masks and statuettes
Ray Brown Design Designers/manufacturers military sculptures and figurines; by artist Ray Brown
Reade Group British Military prints, paperweights, medals and framing
Retribution  Print of "Retribution"
Richard Nicholson of Chester - Old prints of British military
Silk & Stone - Medieval decor
Spirits of the North - Gallery of Tribal Indian, Aboriginal and Inuit art
Spot of Africa - Masai warrior wood carvings
Steve Bartrick Antique Prints and Maps - Prints from various battles
Steve Millingham Pewter Replicas Pewter replicas of historic European pewter items
Third Reich Books - Military History books, music, movies, art, flags, etc.
Turkey Mountain Traders - Pre-1940 American Indian art and jewelry
Ukraine Art Soviet art from 1950's to 1980's; some depicting military life
Vandelay Enterprises Full-size replicas of decorative suits of armor
Victoriana.com - Some Victoria era military prints
West Sea Company - Marine art, scrimshaw, carvings, models, hard hat diving, many other items
WRM Graphics, Inc. - US Civil War era naval art and other marine works
Yellowhouse Gallery - US Civil War maps and prints


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