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Africa Imports - African art and weapons
Afu Research - Japanese sword books translated to English
Aina Moja - Traditional African weapons and shields
Ancient & Oriental Ltd. - Prehistoric, ancient, medieval antique items; some weapons and war related objects
Arabian Direct - Middle Eastern and North African edged weapons, maps and prints
Bob Miller - Asian weapons
Bugei - Samurai weapons and items
Deepeeka Exports - Weapons
Delhi Gun House - Weapons
Dragonfly Sword Supplies - Japanese swords and related items
Exotic India - Sculptures of warlike Indian deities
Horsebows - Hungarian made historical Magyar bows
Japan - Japanese Militaria
Japanese Swords - Antique Japanese swords
Kauai Fine Arts - Prints of samurai and Japanese castles
Khazana - Sculptures of militant tibetan deities
Niger Bend - African weapons, musical instruments
Nihon To - Japanese swords and related items, Islamic and Cossack weapons
Odyssey Exports - Sculpture of a warhorse
Saluki Bow Company - Historical and hi-tech Central Asian bows
Samurai Sword.com - Japanese swords and related items
Tribal Arts and Antiquities - Weapons from Africa, Pacific Islanders, Americas; contemporary and ancient
Warpath Military Collectibles - Militaria from various countries and periods; specialist in Samurai related items

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