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Blockade Runner, The - US Civil War weapons and items
Cavalry Regimental Supply – Historical boots custom made
Celtic Cultures - Celtic musical instruments, clothing, heraldry
Cowboy Shop, The - US Cowboy items, reference materials
Craigie Originals - Sporrans
Dragonfly Design - Renaissance clothing and accessories
Gold River Costumes - Renaissance and Victorian clothing
Grannd Garb - Historic clothing and accessorizing from medieval to 20th century
Gypsy Moon - Renaissance clothing
Hamilton Dry Goods - US cowboy gear, tipis
Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. - Equipment for re-enactor of US/Colonial military from 1750-1840
Lady and the Fool - Renaissance clothing
Medals of America - US medals, patches, insignia; reference materials; Military neckties
Minx & Tim's Camp - Custom Quillwork And Wampum for 18th Century U.S. mountain men reenactment
Moresca Clothing and Costume - Renaissance style clothing and costumes
New S.B. Enterprises - Manufactures uniform accoutrements, patches, tin items, bayonets, etc; WWII, Civil War
Outpost Flags - German WWII clothing/badges; US Civil War themed clothes; US, German flag pins; Pirate Flags
Renick’s Western Boots - Over-the-thigh leather boots
Richard Baldwin - Clothing for the 18th century US and English colonial military re-enactor
Richard’s Military Gifts - US Navy Caps and clothes for de-commissioned ships
Smoke & Fire, Co. - US Colonial clothing
Soldier City - Modern military clothing and accessories
SwordMoon Productions - Leather and chainmail goods and clothes for medieval and fantasy re-enactment
Ujna Universal - Reproduction uniforms/clothes/accoutrements from all periods/regions


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