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American Flag and Banner Company Historic, international, pirate flags
American Flagpoles and Flags Historic flags
Americas and Americas, Inc. - Patriotic items and US Flags including many for 9-11
Apollo Flag Company Military flags
Broward Flag Co. Historic, military, marine flags
Colours, The - Historic and military flags
Flagnet.com Historical, military, hard to find flags
Flags by SWI Military flags
Glory Flag and Pole Company Military, US flags
Hometex National flags
Humphreys Flag Company Irish flags
National Flags - Military, historical Flags
Outpost Flags - German WWII clothing/badges; US Civil War themed clothes; US, German flag pins; Pirate Flags
Quinn Flags Historical, military, national flags
Regal Flags and Poles Historic, military, national flags
Ruffin Flag Company, The - US historical flags; Confederate, Union, State, military; books
T.N.F Impex - Manufactures historic badges, insignia and flags
United Flag & Banner Military, national flags
US Flag Shop Historic flags of the United States
Weed Collections - Military and historical flag research; some flag items


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