Modern warfare history book – “Pretty Liar” (Syracuse University Press, 2018) – Natalie Khazaal interview – MHIO Episode 60

Natalie Khazaal is assistant professor of international studies and Arab culture at Texas A&M University. She studies the role of the media in representations of minorities, as well as the role of language and literature in generating media representations. We spoke about her latest book on television during the Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1991.

0:36 – Natalie explains how she got into studying and writing on television during the Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1991

5:50 – Natalie talks about the Lebanese Civil War and what it was about.

8:00 – Natalie talks about the parts of Lebanon impacted by the civil war.

10:55 – Lebanese people refer to the civil war as “The War of Others.”

11:25 – Natalie talks about the specifics of the book.  It looks at news television and television entertainment.

15:03 – Natalie talks about who controlled Lebanese television during the civil war.  News became a hotly debated issue.

19:00 – Natalie talks about coverage of the World Cup during the war.

21:00 – Natalie talks about how language and gender was affected by the civil war.

31:48 – Natalie touches a little on radio.

34:38 – Natalie talks about cable television and how the book is about terrestial television.

37:00 – Television didn’t do enough to warn Lebanese people about war events so they developed their own code words to exchange information.

42:30 – Natalie discusses about how Lebanese people during the civil war brought up the same questions then that citizen journalists ask now.

44:04 – Natalie talks about the resources she used for her study.

51:20 – Natalie talks about news bulletin records and how difficult they are to access.

59:46 – Natalie  has a twitter account @natalie_khazaal and she’s on Facebook at Natalie Lemonn.

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Guests: Natalie Khazaal

Host: Cris Alvarez

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