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Ancient Mariner - Models of Galleons and man-o-wars
Andrew Jacobson Marine Antiques - Maritime photos, paintings, artifacts, books
Appalachian Arts - Antique prints, maps, nautical charts
Beaufort Naval Armorers - Cannons, English swivel guns; Service cannons, ordnance, firearms
Books of Adventure - Books on pirates, shipwrecks
Brosamer’s Bells - Bronze and cast-iron bells from churches, railroads, ships
By the Bay - Maritime art, models, bronze & wood items
Fern Canyon Press - Books on pirates and the US old west
Folk Legacy Records - Folk sea songs and music
Greycloud Studios - sea chests, cloaks, sashes, books
International Marine -Books on boating, maritime history
Jonesport Nautical Antiques - Nautical art, antiques, books, models
Kauai Fine Arts - Prints of samurai and Japanese castles
Maidhof Brothers International - Old ship relics; furniture, portholes, ship wheels, etc.
Martifacts, Inc. - Ship antiques; brass & wood items, lights, compasses, bells, etc. US Navy items
Nature Coast Hobby Shop - Historic wood ship models
Navigare - Books; naval history, ship building
Outpost Flags - German WWII clothing/badges; US Civil War themed clothes; US, German flag pins; Pirate Flags
Paulus Swaen Old Maps and Prints - Books, canons, documents, prints of the Dutch East India Company
Petrus Plancius International - Antique maps and globes
PiratePubs - CD-ROM of pirate refernce materials, art, sounds, literature, etc.
PostAPrint - Maps, prints, engravings, books, atlases
Quester Gallery - 19th & 20th century marine art, models, bronzes, furniture
Reilly’s Treasured Gold - Books on buried treasure and shipwrecks
Renick’s Western Boots - Over-the-thigh leather boots
Salty Jack’s Piratical Books - Books on pirate fact and fiction
Ship Modeling Club of St. Petersburg - Ship models from Russia
Tall Ships Books - Books on nautical fiction and naval history
West Sea Company - Marine art, scrimshaw, carvings, models, hard hat diving, many other items

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