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Ages of Elegance - Historical clothing, mostly 18th & 19th century European uniforms for museums, etc.
Bison Saddlery - pre-1840 riding equipment, other leather goods
Bradley Company of the Fox - 18th century US re-enactor equipment
BuckskinTanner.com - Leather and archery mountain man items
C & D Jarnagin Co. - US colonial supplies (1750-1815)
Caldwell & Co. Civil War Antiques - Early US militaria; leather grips for swords and sabres
Cartographic Associates - Old style US maps and prints
Crutchfield's Currency - Dealer/Collector of Republic of Texas, CSA, Mexican Revolution currency and notes
Early American Digital Library, The - database of Early US people, events, battles, maps, documents, images
G. Gedney Godwin - 18th century military reproductions
Great Northern Trade Co. Re-eanctment supplies; French-Indian War, Revolution, Fur-trade Era
Historical Shop, The -  Colonial US militaria and collectibles
Horse Soldier, The - 19th century US military items, collectibles, etc.
Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. - Equipment for re-enactor of US/Colonial military from 1750-1840
Keemakoo’s Civil War Antiques - Early US military antiques
Medicine River Trading Company - American historical reproductions 1700-1900
Medicine River Trading Company 18th century American Indian tomahawks and other items
Minx & Tim's Camp - Custom Quillwork And Wampum for 18th Century U.S. mountain men reenactment
Minx and Tim's Camp Mountain man re-enactment and buckskinning supplies
Prime Meridian, The - Antique maps, books and atlases on US revolutionary and civil wars; other wars
Revolutionary War Antiques - Revolutionary War collectibles
Richard Baldwin - Clothing for the 18th century US and English colonial military re-enactor
S & S Firearms - 19th century US firearms, weapons, other items
Smoke & Fire, Co. - US Colonial clothing
Swamp Fox Knives - Early American/Revolutionary War hand-crafted knives, muzzle-loading equipment, etc.
The von Huene Workshop, Inc. - Early musical instruments
Thread Bare Stitchery - period clothing for reenactors; Buckskinners, Rendezvouser
Track of the Wolf - Muzzleloader rifles, supplies, US Colonial camp equipment
Trunk Shoppe - 18th Century fine wood & leather covered trunks, chests, and carrying cases
Turkey Roost Traders - 18th and 19th century clothing
Two Horse Trade Company - primitive native american & colonial reproductions
U.S. Rare Coin Investments - Historic coins; specialize in American Revolution and U.S. Civil War
Westminster Forge - Colonial Reproductions of copper ware


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