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A.B. Enterprises – Medieval swords and body armor; Replica US Civil War arms and accoutrements
Aceros de Hispania - Replica historical and fantasy swords of all kinds
Al-Hamdd Trading Post – Manufacturer of gun items, hunting goods, leather goods, replica swords and armor
American Fencer’s Supply Company - Swords, old stage armor
Angel Sword - Site for swordmaker Daniel Watson; swords and other weapons
Armas de Toledo - armor, swords, other weapons
Art of the Ancient – Ancient art reproductions, swords from many periods
BladeGallery.com  Knives, swords, and daggers
Brian Tighe Knifemaker  Custom made knives; specialist in folding knives
Brothersmith-swords.com - Reproduction medieval swords, bowie knives, fencing foils, guns, armor
By The Blade - Japanese, Chinese swords, weapons, armor
By the Sword Inc. - Swords, armor, clothing, etc. from all periods
CAS Iberia Replica swords, weapons, other military miniatures
Columbia Products International - Manufactures swords, bagpipes, badges, patches, insignia, flags, crests, etc.
Dragon Swords N Daggers - Distributor of collectible swords, daggers, knives, and accessories. Medieval weapons and armor.
Dragonfly Sword Supplies - Japanese swords and related items
Edge Custom Knives  Distributor for several knife makers
Etzler Customs  Artistic and fantasy knives and axes
Fantasy Blades - Reprodcution edged weapons, swords, etc.
Franc Schmitz GmbH Solinger tradition swords from Germany
Fred Lohman Co. - Japanese sword parts, supplies, restoration services
Frederick’s Swords – Antique swords and edged weapons from all over the world
George E. Dailey Knives  Bowie knives, daggers and swords
Gurkha House  Craftsmen and supplier of Gurkha knives to Gurkha regiments
Harald Moeller  Custom made knives and axes
Hayes Knives  Hand made custom working knives for tactical applications
HeavenlySwords.com - Replica swords of all kinds
Himalayan Imports  Manufacturer of khukuris
Historical Weapons - Reproduction swords, armor, weapons, cannon, models, books from all periods
ikkyudo - Japanese art swords, fittings; Japanese, Chinese artwork
Indiacrafts Emporium – Manufactures edged weapons
Jacques Jobin  Custom made knives; many types - fantasy, hunting, folding, fancy
Japanese Sword.com  Antique Japanese swords
Japanese Swords - Antique Japanese swords
Knife Center Knives of all kinds
Knife.com Knives of all types
Kyoto Token Kobo New, antique and decorative Japanese swords
Lively Knives  Custom made primitive edged weapons; blacksmithing books and videos
Lonely Mountain Forge - Historic replica swords, armor, weapons, art metalwork
Macallen Armourers - Historic replica swords, daggers, light armor, women's weapons
Magnus Design Studio  Exotic Edged Weapons
Majestic Renaissance, Inc. - Historic replica swords, armor; fantasy figurines
Malay Art Gallery  Kris blades; ivory, silver, horn and wood handles
Mantis Samurai Swords - Samurai, medieval, celtic, european swords
Men at Arms - Reproduction swords, daggers, other weapons and armor; various time periods
Models and Collectibles -WWW - 20th C. Military daggers and knives, medieval weapons, miniature artillery
Nihon To - Japanese swords and related items, Islamic and Cossack weapons
Nipponto - Japanese swords; bronze items, Tsuba, Toso-gu
Nishijin Sword - Japanese swords, weapons, armor, accessories
Oriental Weapons - Decorative and functional oriental swords, weapons
Robert Hunt - military knives
Ronin Sword
Russian & Caucasian swords, daggers, and kinjals As the name suggests
Sahara Treasures Tuareg (Arabian) knives and swords
Samurai Sword.com - Japanese swords and related items
ShaolinSword.com  Chinese Shaolin swords
Starfire Swords Limited  Manufactures swords and other edged weapons; leather weapon accessories
Sunrise River Custom Knives  Custom made knives, knife repair and conversion; historic, africa, asia
Swamp Fox Knives Replicas of early American knives
Sword and the Stone - Sword maker
Sword Armory, The - Reproduced medieval and shogun swords, armor, knives, more
Sword Center of the Internet, The - Reproduced historic and fantasy swords, armor, related items
Swordmark Company, The - Fantasy and historical swords, daggers, armor
Swords 4 Less - Replica swords of all types
Swords and Armor.com - Reproduced swords, weapons, armor
Swords from Spain - Historic, fantasy swords, daggers, armor; figurines, collectible items
Swords of Honor, Inc. - Historical swords, weapons, armor, clothing; books, music, more
Swords Online.com - Historical, fantasy replica swords
Swords.com - Historical, fantasy replica swords, weapons, armor
Talerwin Forge - Historic European helmets, weapons, armor, etc.
Time Traveller Collectibles - Swords, daggers, helmets, medals
Unkultur Swords and daggers of all types
W.K.C. - Manufactures swords, daggers, accessories for Armed Forces


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