WWI history book – “Peace at Last” (Yale University Press, 2018) – Guy Cuthbertson interview – MHIO Episode 54

Dr. Guy Cuthbertson is an Associate Professor in English Literature and Head of the English Department at Liverpool Hope University. He’s studied at St Andrews University and at The Queen’s College, Oxford University.  We spoke about his latest book on the end of WWI.

0:57 – Guy talks about how he got into writing on study.  He started in English and moved into biography. 

2:05 – Guy talks about the book and WWI.

 6:28 – The book focuses on the human aspect of the last dayof WWI. Festivities and religion are two aspects he looks at.  He always tries to look at areas beyond London.

12:59 – Guy talks about the changes in society between the beginning and the end of the war.

 15:40 – Guy talks about the idea that the war broke down class distinctions and social mores.

 21:58 – Guy talks about the resources he used for his research.

26:21 – Guy talks about Gladstone’s library and other archives he went to.

54:44 – Guy has a website GuyCuthbertson.com

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Guests: Guy Cuthbertson

Host: Cris Alvarez

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