War films analysis book – “The Philosophy of War Films” (University Press of Kentucky, HC, 2014, PB, 2018) – David LaRocca interview – MHIO Episode 51

David LaRocca has studied philosophy, film, rhetoric, and religion. He’s worked with a number of institutions where he has studied and taught these subjects. We talk about his editing work on a recent book on war films.

0:42 – David talks about how he got into studying war films. He was first interested in war photography.

4:33 – David talks about the focus of the book and begins talking about Werner Herzog.

8:46 – David talks about the philosophy of war and war films.

17:27 – David talks about who and what war movies are for. Are they for veterans or for non-military audiences?

22:08 – David talks about how realistic war movies can be.

26:44 – David talks about how movies have a way of telling stories that may conflict with actual events.

37:06 – David talks about who makes war movies versus who undergoes the experience.

43:53 – David talks about serializing war stories.

45:19 – David talks about video games and war stories.

49:12 – David talks about the various disciplines applied in this book.

59:24 – David’s work can be found at DavidLaRocca.org.

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Guests: David LaRocca

Host: Cris Alvarez

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