WWII history book – “Flying With The Fifteenth Air Force” (University of North Texas Press, 2018) – David Snead interview – MHIO Episode 53

Dr. David Snead is a professor of history at Liberty University. He has edited or written a number of books on US history including WWII history. We discussed his latest project, an edited version of the memoirs of Tom Faulkner, a B-24 pilot in WWII.

1:03 – David talks about how he first got into history.

3:30 – David talks about how he went about editing this WWII memoir.

5:23 – David talks about Tom’s time piloting a B-24 for the 15th Air Force.

12:50 – David talks about Tom’s training and the attitudes of the B-24 versus the B-17.

19:15 – David talks briefly about the Tuskegee airmen.

20:27 – David talks about the facilities the pilots used.

25:06 – David talked about problems Tom might have dealt with because of how young a pilot he was compared to others.

28:36 – David talks about the documents he used to support the things discussed in Tom’s memoirs.

33:58 – David talks about the usefulness of oral histories for this book.

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Guests: David Snead

Host: Cris Alvarez

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